Dee and BJ: A Winter Wedding in April

Fat snow flakes fell on the brick path leading up to the Ivy Terrace of Carnegie Hall, creating a serene background for Dee and BJ's April Wedding. Yes you heard that right, an APRIL wedding! Overnight we got about 2" of snowfall here in Southern West Virginia, and more was coming down by the minute. Not even a snow storm could deter this couple from getting married! After six years together, I'm confident Dee would have gotten married even if it was 30 below.

BJ and the guys lined the terrance with mercury glass votives and mason jars in silver and gold then ran off to get ready for his bride. If he was nervous he hid it well, and once Dee walked down the short aisle with her father, there was no taking his eyes off of her. She hinted to me that she would not be in white, and let me say she was stunning! Her dress was intricately beaded from head to toe in silver and gold, she shone in her winter wonderland scene.

Dee and BJ stood surrounded by their parents and her brother. I have never attended such an intimate wedding, and it was amazing to be able to feel the love around them as they spoke their vows. The snow laced their hair (and my script) but I could have spoken french because these two were all about each other. I feel truly lucky to have been a part of this magical day, and wish them years of happiness together! As BJ told me before the ceremony, snow on a wedding day is supposed to bring fertility and prosperity. Let's hope this folktale is true for these love birds!

As a bonus, my husband Joe and our little lady got to traverse the snowy streets of Lewisburg for the Chocolate Festival! Multiple stores opened their doors to hand out chocolatey delights. Finley's favorite were white chocolate covered cranberries, and Joe and I stuffed ourselves with chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. Weddings and chocolate- what a combination!

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