Jeannie & Mark: Backyard Beauty

In June Jeannie contacted me about her wedding July 4th weekend in Charleston, W.V. Short notice? Maybe for some, but if anyone could plan a wedding in five weeks it was Jeannie! They already had a party planned with family and friends for the holiday, the tent was rented so a couple quick changes to the decor and outfits and presto- wedding!

When I arrived the day of I found a house on top of a hill in Charleston that was BEYOND gorgeous! The backyard was covered in white, from the hydrangeas, to the tent, and the ceremony arch everything was bridal perfect. A guitarist and soloist played as guests mingled by the pool and waited for the bride to make her entrance. The bride was beyond gorgeous, and as Mark walked to the arch, he stopped to kiss each of his daughters on the forehead and shake Jeannie's son's hand. How sweet is that?

This was a blending of families for Mark and Jeannie, so in addition to their vows, they each addressed their grown children. Jeannie barely made it through her commitment to her relationship with her son Morgan, and Mark's daughters shouted out "Love you Mom" during her commitment to them. Both were beautiful, but hearing Mark talk about his love for his daughters and express his respect for Morgan brought tears to my eyes. All of my weddings to date have been small, family and close friends only celebrations and what I've found if that it creates a feeling of warmth that can only come from being able to make eye contact with each and every guest during the ceremony. It transforms the guests from mere observers to feeling like they are a special part of the ceremony.

Thank you Jeannie and Mark for inviting me into your world for this special day!

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