Sam & Jennifer: Classic Commitment

When I first sat down with Sam and Jennifer, I knew this couple would be very fun and very challenging. Most of my couples are non-traditional and with their Catholic faith Sam and Jennifer wanted a traditional ceremony. Yikes! The more we talked over the next two hours the more I fell in love with their story and their commitment to one another. They met while in middle school, and years later Sam just happened to show up to Jennifers work for an interview and they reconnected. Multiple trips to her parents in New Jersey, and Yankees games later and they started planning their future together. So of course I said I would marry them even though I was moving back to NY before their wedding date.

I arrived at Skyline Resort in Ghent, West Virginia the night before and in the morning I was able to appreciate its beauty. My room looked out onto a stream and a wrap around deck the coupled planned on getting married on. I say planned because that day it started to snow so the ceremony was moved inside. Disclaimer: if you are planning a spring or fall wedding with me, beware! My first wedding back in April turned into a snow storm as well. I'm not saying I bring the snow, but being from Western New York, I'm also not counting out the possibility.

That morning, I checked in with Sam as he readied the reception space with the team from Skyline. This groom was the most adorably nervous I've ever seen, and could not WAIT to get married. Watching the groom watch his bride appear for the first time is my absolute favorite part, and Sam did not disappoint. He turned his back to the aisle, and shifted his weight from foot to foot until I whispered to him "she's here". Judging by the breath he exhaled as he turned, I'm lucky he didn't hold it any longer or he may have passed out on the stage. In all seriousness, the love that poured off these two during their ceremony was palpable, and I am so glad I got to witness it.

It goes to show, some bonds last the test of time, and sometimes we need to see someone with fresh eyes before they go from childhood friend to life long love. Congratulations Mr. &Mrs. Lively, here's to many more years of baseball and wedded bliss.

Photo Credit: Akers Photography, West Virginia

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