Lindsay & Scott: At Long Last

When I arrive in a new ceremony space, there is always a tour around to get familiar with the area. Lindsay and Scott chose the Kenan House in Lockport, which is deceiving because this place was more like a small estate. Red brick facade, multiple deep porches, and lush gardens served as a picture perfect backdrop for their ceremony. There are honestly probably ten places to get married on the property, but Lindsay chose the antique fountain in the back garden.

When you officiate a wedding, a majority of your time before the ceremony is spent with the groom and his groomsmen. During the rehearsal they joked that Scott could still run away, and got on his case about waiting ten years to get down the aisle. In all seriousness though, this was a prepared bunch. They offered Scott gum, a swig from their flasks, and even "bush water" to help him calm down before walking out. What is bush water you ask? A bottle of water cleverly concealed in a nearby bush in case of a dry mouth related emergency. Sometimes you need to have a large bridal party- each and every person included brought their own flair to Scott and Lindsay's big day.

The ceremony itself was short, sweet, and cut right to the chase. I wasn't going to have Lindsay wait any longer than she had to for her to become Mrs. Collins! A quick reading, their vows, and back down the aisle to "How Sweet it is". It was a perfect fit for these two who were not only adorably in love, but best friends. This is the love that lasts people. If you can be together for ten years, handle being long distance for a time, and still come together in the end then you can handle anything!

The Collins wedding was the first I officiated while pregnant, and I will forever remember it as Anna's first wedding. One of the guests commented after that he was worried I'd deliver up there, but it all went off with only a few kicks and a couple tears (yeay hormones!)

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Collins! Here's to many more years together filled with Corgi kisses!

Professional Photography by SQ Photography

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