Antonio & Michelle: Wedding Whispers

There are the small moments I remember long after I leave a couple; the way they were in that moment they were pronounced one. I want to share with you some of my favorite moments from Antonio and Michelle's ceremony, because there is no better way to show you who they are as a couple.

First, as Michelle said her vows, she mentioned that she and her son had found their missing piece in Antonio. When she read that part, she looked at her son, who smiled and gave her a thumbs up. A single gesture that did it better than any family unity ceremony ever could.

Then, Michelle embraced he groom's not so serious side as he read his vows off his cell phone. She let him truly be himself without worrying about what anyone else thought. (He even brought a Patriot's hat to wear later in the reception that matched the wedding colors!)

By far my favorite moments were between Antonio and Michelle during their ceremony. Some weddings make you realize that a wedding ceremony is just that, a ceremony. Beautiful words that tend to fall into background noise as your heart beats like crazy as you walk down the aisle and take hands with that one person who can make the whole world go quiet. Michelle and Antonio reminded me that no matter the exact words I say, there is so much more said in a single look between lovers. I know this because they spent the better part of their ceremony whispering to one another and exchanging little looks back and forth. Looks that said, "I got you, and I will forever".

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Cortes! Here's to many more years together as husband and wife!

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