Ericka & Justin: Rain; Confetti of the Sky

I have known Ericka since I was a turtleneck wearing second grader. I spent so many summer days at her house that her mom would often call and ask what type of Pop-tarts I liked so she could stock up. After college she moved to Maryland and met Justin, a transplant from New Jersey. A few years later they got engaged and I was thrilled when she asked me to officiate her ceremony. Justin is the type of guy you want with your best friend; laid back, loyal and adorably good looking. It took me twice as long to wrote their ceremony because it was just never good enough to me. Her dad even caught me printing out a new copy the morning of the ceremony because I couldn't help but add one more thing.

The day of the wedding the forecast called for rain. Not sprinkles, not even a shower; but a wind driven, lightening filled storm off the Chesapeake Bay. Ericka and Justin wanted to get married on the beach, and the darkening clouds were not going to stop them. We all filed onto the beach, most in our bare feet, and crossed our fingers the rain would hold off. The grooms side cheered as he took his place in front of the pier and we all anxiously waited for the bride. And holy cannoli! Ericka came up the beach barefoot with flowers swept into her hair and a dress that made Justins smile stretch from ear to ear. She was stunning, happy, in love, and oblivious to the clouds looming overhead. With the weather I chopped the ceremony in half, and we got to the kiss just as the first few drops came down. Their ceremony was the perfect metaphor for love; it was hot and quick with an urgency about it like I often see in the eyes of the groom as he waits for me to say he can kiss his bride.

It was an honor to be there to marry my childhood best friend to her best friend.

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