Johnny & Emily: Waterfront Wedding

Emily and Johnny's ceremony location was Pinterest worthy for sure! It was held at Ventosa Vineyards; behind us was Seneca lake, a huge oak tree, and vineyards. In front of us stood a stately white mansion, and we were bordered on each side by wine barrels with wildflower arrangements. Some of you might be thinking, "who are these posh people who got married there?!" The truth is, Emily and Johnny are about as down to earth as you get. He proposed after hiking White Face, they like to enjoy a drink every once in a while, and he genuinely feels like he hit the wife lottery. it just goes to show that when it comes to your wedding, you can glam it up a bit, because why not? It's your day!

While I normally meet with my couples in person, I wasn't able to with Emily and Johnny. Even though we only Facetimed and e-mailed over the past year, I felt so comfortable at their wedding. The best man tucked my tag into my dress for me, I laughed with Johnny's dad about how much he looked like his sons, and Emily's mom thanked me several times for doing their ceremony. Even their DJ was beyond nice! It just goes to prove that positive people attract positivity.

We got into place, and as the ceremony started Johnny was the picture of calm. The couple did a first look, so he was relaxed and ready to marry his bride. The grooms parents beamed at each other like teenagers and the Brides father had to take a moment before he gave her away because he was a little teary. It was a ceremony filled with smiles, laughs, and two people who could not take their eyes off of each other. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Scalzo!

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