Joe & Karen: Playful Promises

I have been friends with Karen since we met working at Braymillers market. We've come a long way from making sandwiches, but this girl has stuck with me. She's everything you could ever want in a friend: laid back, funny, and always up for adventure. When she got engaged last year in Disney I was beyond thrilled. Not only had she found her hunny, but he was a Joe! (the best men are named Joe, as my husband can attest to) When she asked me to pull triple duty as officiant/maid of honor/mother of the flower girl I of course said yes! "Flasch" forward to Labor Day weekend and these two tied the knot (literally)

Karen and Joe's ceremony was just like them: untraditional, personal, and fun! The maid of honors wore chevron maxi dresses and yellow converse, I referenced wheel of fortune and video games in their ceremony, and they walked down the aisle to instrumental versions of Disney classics. How fun is that?! They made up their own version of the "tying the knot" unity ceremony too. Each of their bridal party held a piece of paracord, and when it was time, they all passed it to the couple. Joe was a tad nervous when it came to the tying of the knot, but Karen whispered directions to him and together they got through it.

When it comes to weddings, anything goes people! Do you hate white? Wear red! Want to get married on a boat? Do it! this day is all about joining two people together, and if you have a vision, I can help bring it to life.

I am lucky to have these two in my life, and I can't wait to see what new traditions they come up with throughout their lives together! Congratulations Mr & Mrs Juda!

Photo by Poppyseed Photography, my talented Sister! More Photos to follow- beauty takes time : )

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