Tyler & Codie: "Tying" the Knot

When I arrived at Joseph's Country Manor and Grove for Tyler and Codie's wedding the day it could not have been more perfect. For mid-September they had a sunny, almost 80 degree day with a little breeze. Codie and her girls decorated the open air reception space with aqua and gold touches, complete with coffee favors and peanut butter sponge candy. Yes you heard that right, the father of the groom made an entire sponge candy tower for the reception! Tyler was setting up cupcakes so, fearing he may drop one on his suite, I offered to take over. When I officiate, I often find myself doing little things to help the day along. Usually this means helping groomsmen with their bouts', because let's face it, alcohol and sharp objects do not mix!

I was super excited to share this ceremony, because it included one of the more unique unity ceremonies I have ever done. It is Greek custom to be crowned during the wedding ceremony, and this detail was important to the grooms mother. The crowns, called Stephana, were made of Ivy and connected by a ribbon, signifying their union. A person of importance holds the crowns over their heads, exchanging them three times between the bride and groom as I read three blessings. The crowns are placed only after circling a table three times. It was a beautiful nod to tradition and custom without seeming too out of place in their modern wedding. I am so glad they decided to incorporate it!

Codie and Tyler have been together since high school, and it was clear that once they got down the aisle, the rest of the world faded away. Both were worried about breaking down if they wrote their own vows. In fact, I gave Tyler a slight heart attack when it came time for them to repeat after me because he thought I said they would do their own vows! They got through it, and after I pronounced them husband and wife they both lit up with little-kid-on-christmas-smiles.

One of Codie's best friends told me after the ceremony that when she met Ty she said "I am NOT letting this one go!" I'm sure Tyler is glad she didn't and so am I, these two were so fun to work with!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Schultz!

Photo by Laughing City Photography

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