Caroline & John: Forever & Ever After That

John told me that he knew they would go with me as their officiant the morning we were going to meet. That morning, right outside the window of their first house together, a hummingbird hovered. There were no flowers in sight, no feeder. When John pointed it out to Caroline she told him that was the name of my business, and he took that as a sign that I was the one to marry them. I was so honored to get to know these two, and hope you find their story as inspiring as I did.

From the start these two were beyond easy to work with. It tends to happen that way when the couple is more focused on getting married than they are on having a wedding. They have been together for three years and have gone through a ton of changes as a couple, from new jobs, houses, to Caroline almost dying a year ago. When you go through something that trying within the first years together it makes you appreciate every day. Their wedding was to be a celebration of how far they'd come. We sat down with our coffee to chat about the ceremony, and John had tons of ideas! Caroline was very trusting when it came to letting me putting John's ideas on paper. We spent over two hours chatting, and by the time the wedding came around I felt like I had known them for years!

The entire ceremony centered around their families. It was an intimate wedding on the portico of the Buffalo History Museum and their loved ones stood around them. Caroline's daughter walked her down the aisle, and I loved that touch to their ceremony. Emily feels a deep connection to her late grandfather, and it was a natural fit for her to stand in his place. In fact the only attendants were Emily and Johns sons, Dan and Mark. The couple bought each of their children necklaces: crosses for the boys and a locket for Emily that their parents gave them during the ceremony. John's son Matt was just getting back from his honeymoon so they gave him his virtually over Facetime. (John even put the necklace around the phone when it was his turn) Even the unity ceremony was communal, and each family member watered a Bonsai tree that symbolizes love and peaceful energy.

My favorite part of their ceremony had to be the vows for the ring exchange. Caroline whispered hers through happy tears, and when we got to "til' death do us part" she and John both added "and forever and ever after that". How cute are they?! Caroline and John are proof that true love can happen at any time throughout our lives. Even though they didn't fall in love right out of high school I know that these two were meant for each other all long.

Congratulations John and Caroline, here's to forever and ever after that!

I was referred to John and Caroline through my talented sister, Kelly of Poppyseed Photography. The original photos in this post are not professional but I will update them when she is done editing.

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